We invite everyone who likes being involved in outdoor activities in the natural environment and also, the general and specialized tourism professionals, local authorities, entities from all over the country, to unite under one demand, the establishment of an emergency air rescue organization in Greece that aims to the protection of human life.
  • Participation

    In memory of Theofanis Ermis Theocharopoulos.

  • Purpose & Vision

    Time and first aid response according to International standards!

  • The Race

    The route starts from the center of Ioannina to the village Agnanta.

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5 Hours

In loving memory of Theofanis Ermis Theocharopoulos an event is taking place on Saturday 16th of September 2023.

The event/run is named “5Hours”, from the number of hours that Ermis was waiting for the rescue helicopter to arrive on scene.

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